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Who We Are

i-Prep U is here to partner with private and public schools and their students to fill in the gap, expand course offerings and save money on “all things college prep”

…All of this, while maintaining academic quality (Accredited/NCAA and UC approved) and personal attention (live sessions with highly qualified teachers and staff).

How We Do It

i-Prep U has teamed up with the best in college prep…

  • Accredited | 95% of classes NCAA and UC approved
  • Live sessions with highly qualified teachers
  • 195 classes | 17 AP courses | 6 dual credit universities
  • Personal interactive college counselor
  • Comprehensive (9 Courses)
  • Easily integrated with your school’s program
  • Live Individual or Group Sessions
  • Proven results – over 1 million students
  • Full-time teachers
  • Expert financial Advisors to maximize financial aid
  • Essential and easy to use online tools
  • Help with FAFSA and CSS Profile

Powered by OC Online, Revolution Prep and SMARTTRACK™.

*Accredited and NCAA and University of California approved online high school classes

(*95% of all OC Online classes approved by NCAA)

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