i-PrepU was founded when two life-long friends and fathers realized there was a need for high-quality online high school education.  For one, a father and entrepreneur, it started out personal.  His son needed a certain class that did not fit at his high school for acceptance into a premiere university.  Oaks Christian Online (OC Online) provided just what he needed and took care of all his son’s needs.  As a father, he was grateful.  As a businessman and entrepreneur, he thought about the potential for other students at small to mid-sized schools around the country and world that might need what OC Online was offering.

The other friend was a high school teacher and educator.  He recognized the need for schools to be able to expand and customize their curriculum while not compromising on content and teaching.  At his high school, many students would have to go to a community college to take Chinese, French 4, BC Calculus, AP Psychology or other classes that were not offered, or they wouldn’t be able to take these classes, at all.  As well, as a father, he struggled to find test prep and college counseling that was both helpful and affordable for his kids.  Again, OC Online had the answers in both cases.  Their extensive curriculum taught by experienced prep school teachers and counselors was there to provide what was needed.

Because the friends had a long running affiliation with Oaks Christian High School (one was a “founding family” member of the school), they formed a business relationship with OC Online to market their product to schools and students in the United States and around the world.

Their desire is to see high school, home school and international students get outstanding accredited online education, personalized college counseling and proven test prep, taught and administered by a premiere prep school.  They believe that every student deserves the chance to learn at the highest  and most personalized level and that they should have the opportunity to be as strong a candidate as possible in the heavily competitive college/university marketplace.

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Larry B Thrall, Jr.


Monty Minchin, M.Ed.

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