Bible 3

Bible 3: The Spiritual Disciplines Syllabus

Course Introduction

Welcome to Bible 3!  This course will give you a chance to study 11 “spiritual disciplines” useful for living out Jesus’ command to love God and love your neighbor as yourself.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what a spiritual discipline is—you will soon!

Course Description

In this semester long course, students will consider 11 of the spiritual disciplines which Christians have practiced throughout history.  These include: Prayer and Fasting, Study and Meditation, Simplicity and Service, Solitude and Submission, and Confession, Worship, and Celebration.  The class will focus on the biblical and ecclesiological heritage of these disciplines as well as provide some practical opportunities for students to consider the use of these disciplines in their own lives.

This is a 1 semester course consisting of 6 units.  Upon successful completion students will receive 0.5 credit towards high school graduation.

Course Overview

  • Understanding and Appreciating the Purpose and Function of Spiritual Disciplines
  • Inward Disciplines of Prayer and Fasting
  • Inward Disciplines of Study and Meditation
  • Outward Disciplines of Simplicity and Service
  • Outward Disciplines of Solitude and Submission
  • Corporate Disciplines of Confession, Worship and Celebration

Course Outcomes 

Upon completion of this course, students will: 

  • Understand the role of the following 11 disciplines in a healthy spiritual life:
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Study and Meditation
  • Simplicity and Service
  • Solitude and Submission
  • Confession, Worship, and Celebration
  • Gain a basic and practical understanding of how to actually practice these disciplines
  • Ground these disciplines in scripture and the experiences of some notable Christian thinkers throughout history

Required Course Materials

Please access the list of course materials from the OC Online book ordering system and order your materials as soon as possible. Oftentimes, course materials are on back order and you may experience a delay in receiving them, causing students to fall behind in their online coursework. When ordering used or rented materials, be careful that online access codes are also current.

Methods of Instruction

In this course you will be asked to complete essays, reflections, discussions, assessments, projects and virtual conversations with other classmates.  You will need to set up a Skype account or something similar to be able to interface with other students in the class.

Methods of Evaluation

In this course you will be evaluated by your depth of response to essays, reflections, discussions, assessments, projects and virtual conversations with other classmates.  There are no objective exams (multiple choice, true false, etc).

* Semester-long Course and ** Eight-week Course

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