i-PrepU: The best in prep school classes by the people who know prep school students best

i-PrepU has teamed up with Oaks Christian High and their online school, Oaks Christian Online (OC Online), and Revolution Prep (Rev Prep).

Founded in 2000, Oaks Christian High has been a nationally recognized preparatory school, consistently placing their students in some of the top colleges and universities across the nation.  It’s online school started in 2011, offering all the best of Oaks Christian High classes, teachers and staff with the convenience of busy students in mind. Classes are fully-accredited and NCAA- approved.  The highly qualified staff and teachers know how to work with students, parents, schools and colleges because they have been successfully working with them for almost 20 years.

Revolution Prep has been a national leader in college test prep and tutoring since 2002.  Their  proven test prep classes and academic tutoring have helped over 1 million students improve academic results and  learn the strategies and build the confidence to be successful on the rigorous college exams and AP tests.  They provide group and individual classes and will customize classes and programs for i-PrepU students.  As well, they are able to bring the best in college counseling from current and past prep school counselors.  Their full-time tutors, counselors, and staff have the highest credentials and are experienced in working with high school students from all backgrounds.

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